Harley Designer Plus Pillow


A top-selling orthopaedic memory foam pillow that is contoured to cradle the user’s neck and accommodate the shoulders; making this the perfect sleep accessory.

The visco elastic memory foam of the pillow moulds to the shape of your head and neck for an almost weightless feel, relieving pressure and cradling the weight of your head with ease.

The shape of the pillow means that the spine is held in a neutral alignment; alleviating tension and helping to support a great night’s sleep. Thanks to its design, it will suit both side sleepers and back sleepers. These orthopaedic pillows are available in two sizes and two depths:
Standard: Ideal for the average frame, measures 45x32x13cm
Plus: Ergonomically identical to the Standard, just larger on the bed, measures 51x36x13cm
Lo-line: Ideal for a smaller framed adult or child, measures 45x32x10cm
Lo-line Plus: Ergonomically identical to the Lo-line, just larger on the bed, measures 51x36x10cm

An orthopaedic memory foam travel pillow is also available.

For firmer support, consider the Harley Original Foam Pillow.

These pillows have a fitted inner and a zipped velour outer case as standard. Additional cases are available to be purchased separately.




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