Harley Proform Ultra Ringo (43x43x10cm)


The Harley Proform Wheelchair Cushion Range is designed to offer maximum comfort for a minimum outlay. There are several options available, all designed to offer optimum support across a variety of scenarios, for a variety of users.

The Harley Proform Ultra Cushion
This wheelchair cushion is ideal for users in the Low Risk category. These users spend shorter lengths of time sat either in a wheelchair, on a scooter or in an armchair; or have intermittent need for extended periods being sat down. This deeper cushion measures 43 x 43 x 10cm, and is manufactured from high grade nodular foam which allows air to circulate freely. Fits perfectly in most wheelchairs to provide added comfort and pressure relief when needed. The foam is lightweight, making it eminently transportable and is fitted with a luxury suedette cover in either blue or grey as standard.

Product specifications
Cushion weight 750g
Max user weight 130kg

Product options
In order to answer various patient requirements, this cushion is available in a number of configurations:
Standard cushion – no cut-out
Coccyx cut-out reduces pressure on the tail bone area, providing additional comfort to those who suffer from coccyx pain
Combi cut-out which helps alleviate pressure around the ischial tuberosity – commonly known as the sitting bones
Ringo cut-out has a removable central piece of foam – use with the insert for all over support, or remove the insert to relieve any sensation of pressure around the sitting bones

Other cushions in the range
Harley Proform Cushion: 8cm deep with a maximum user weight of 115kg
Harley Ultra Seat Raiser Cushion: a larger cushion measuring 50 x 48 x 10cm making it ideal in an armchair; supporting up to 140kg user weight
Harley Luxury Proform cushion: the upper layer of top quality nodular memory foam provides and additional level of pressure relief and comfort for extended use for users up to 115kg.

For any patient it is important they seek the correct professional medical advice when choosing the appropriate level of support to ensure it fully meets their needs and requirements.




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