Harley Super ‘V’ Cushion (46x46x6cm)


Wheelchair cushions are designed to provide extra support and protection for regular wheelchair users. The Super V cushion from Harley is designed for users who find themselves in the High Risk category: namely those who are sat in the same position on a daily basis for significant lengths of time. The lack of movement and subsequent restrictions mean that these people are at an increased risk of developing pressure sores or other complaints associated with periods of immobility.

This individually moulded visco elastic memory foam cushion elicits hugely improved pressure reduction and conforms to the user’s shape for optimal comfort and stability.

Dissipates heat and wicks moisture away from points of interface pressure.
Supportive material increases stability and improves posture.
Ideal for use around the home or in a wheelchair.
Premium Dartex waterproof / multi-stretch / breathable cover as standard.
Other cover options are available.

For any patient it is important they seek the correct professional medical advice when choosing the appropriate level of support to ensure it fully meets their needs and requirements.




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