Neo G RX Ankle Support – X Large


The Neo G RX Stabilized Ankle Support is designed to help provide dynamic support around the ankle complex. The adjustable figure of 8 strap helps provide added support and compression during sporting and occupational activities. The support also helps to reduce excessive planterflexion, inversion and eversion movements at the ankle, useful with ligamentous injury and instability. The dual sided silicone inserts provide added, support, comfort and stabilization to the medial and lateral aspects of the joint. Embedded Silver* – for microbial and odour control & Embedded Aloe Vera – helps moisturise, soften and soothe the skin. *Silver – helps reduce microbial growth in the fabric support and thereby control odour. The silver is intended to protect the support and does not extend protection to the skin. SIZING GUIDE – To size, measure ankle circumference (cm) – Small: 15 – 19 cm; Medium: 19 – 23 cm; Large: 23 – 28 cm; X-Large: 28 – 33 cm.



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