Splash Slipover Scooter Bag – High Vis


Dropping neatly over the back of the scooter seat, the simplicity of the Splash slipover scooter bag makes it a popular selling product. Designed for use on scooters without a headrest in place, the single compartment bag sits snugly against the backrest, measuring 42 x 36 x 15cm.

The elegant shape of the bag belies its generous 20 litre capacity – happily holding personal belongings and a day’s shopping close at hand. With two top mounted handles, this scooter bag will also double as a shopping bag for use off the scooter; making it a flexible choice for users. And the single zipped compartment is easy to open thanks to the easy-pull zip fobs designed with the user in mind.

Available in black, grey, or with a hi-viz facing; this scooter bag is equipped with a reflexive piping strip around the whole circumference of the bag – bouncing back a good level of light to those approaching from behind on darker days or at night.


43 x 36 x 15cm


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