Neo G Pregnancy / Maternity Support Belt – XX Large


The Neo G Pregnancy Support Belt is a dual purpose support to be used during and after pregnancy. During pregnancy this product helps support the foetus (fetus) by providing some light compression underneath your abdomen. It also supports the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint, both of which are put under significantly more strain during pregnancy. The support can be reversed (and once the metal inserts are removed) can be used after pregnancy to help support the lax ligaments and muscles around the pelvis therefore helping to reduce the occurrence of back pain post pregnancy whilst the body regains its original shape. This support is breathable and adjustable as well as being slimline, which means it can be worn underneath everyday clothes. SIZING GUIDE – To size, measure waist circumference (cm) – Small: 60 – 70 cm; Medium: 70 – 85 cm; Large: 85 – 100 cm; X-Large: 100 – 115 cm; XX-Large: 115 – 135 cm.



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